Fanfiction is a really creepy assignment, Professor Sample

Some sort of journal:

I don’t like it. It’s not right. They’re the ones who did this to us. The ones who take away our last vestiges of freedom. Why should we ever try to bargain with them? Those monsters won’t ever change us back. They won’t fix us.

They’ve taken something from us that can’t be given back.

More than just children. They’ve taken our species, our home, our hope.

I don’t think we should be trying to use this child to our advantage. No matter what the result, he won’t make us whole again. We’ll still be sterile in the end.

Earth isn’t a place for children anymore.

Honestly, we should have just let ourselves die. We used to be a proud species. We resist because it’s in our blood and it’s who we are. We shouldn’t try to become what we once were.

Earth isn’t a place for humans anymore.

Fuck the squids. Leave ’em alone and let us rot.

I’d rather die now then ever be touched by one of them again. Rather die than ever see one of them again.

Children ain’t worth it.

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